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Smoking Tray System with Beef Jerky

Only been smoking a couple of years. After some research, I decide to go with the bull rack-ultimate. I was totally impressed with it. And the versatility of it is great as well. My wife could not believe how many ribs we can cook now. And with some rotations of the racks. Well let's just say the meat was evenly cooked and no dry or burnt areas. We are looking forward to more experimentation!! Thanks for a quality product. This is the highest recommendation I can give... Buy one or loose out on the best smoking accessory available!!

Donald s.


Great product and they have great customer service I highly recommend their products

and them !!!!

richard b.


BBQ Tray System for Camping

These racks, grates and drip trays are very well made and high quality materials. They were packed very well with parts individually wrapped inside to protect finishes. I couldn't be happier and would recommend them to everyone. A perfect fit for my GMG DB smoker.

Allan l.


Ribs on a BBQ Tray System

Excellent quality. Smoked 5 lbs of wings and 2 slabs of spares on it for the Daytona race. Everything came out great. Much needed extra space. Cleaned up easily. Exactly what I have been waiting for. Thanks!

david d.


BBQ Tray with Sweet Potatoes
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